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Police Security Flashlights Intro

1Lumen exists so people can make the best decision to buy a new flashlight. We extensively test flashlights to see how well they perform, as well as check whether the manufacturer’s specs are accurate. We do this with a team of dedicated reviewers from all around the world, including the US, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. This is unlike the fake reviews you find online at other websites. We can name many here, but you probably know those too, if you read carefully.

Note: the flashlights we recommend on this list have been tested by us, and performed very well in our testing. It doesn’t mean that these will fit everybody’s needs. It’s more of a: if you want to buy a police flashlight quickly, and don’t want to spend hours and hours of reading reviews.. get one of these. We also include links to the review we did, so you can learn all the details.

If you’re a police officer and think we need to update or remove a flashlight, let us know! We’re here to help you guys, with all the knowledge and testing data we have.

Police Flashlights with 18650 batteries

Fenix TK35UE v2

The Fenix TL35UE is a dual 18650 tactical flashlight

Fenix TK35UE v2 holding
Fenix TK35UE v2 runtime graph zoomed in
Max. brightness:5000 lumens (We measured 5224 at turn on)
Battery type:2*18650 lithium-ion (proprietary)
Charging:No built-in charging

There are only a handful of dual 18650 tactical flashlights on the market, and the TK35UE v2 is one of them. This is the latest edition sporting 3 emitters with a total of 5,000 lumens.

And yes, our copy reached over 5,000 lumens albeit on turn-on. Read our in-depth review of the Fenix TK35UE v2 for all the juicy details.

The most self-explanatory benefit of this dual 18650 setup is a longer runtime. Having 2 batteries in parallel will double the capacity, and therefore extend the runtime. Oh, please don’t forget to buy 2 Fenix button-top batteries together with the light because flat tops don’t work, and unprotected button-tops can be too short!

This is why we would recommend the TK35 UE v2:

  1. You can replace the batteries when you run low (no built-in batteries)
  2. Great sustained output and good runtimes
  3. Instant access to Turbo mode and Strobe

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Police Flashlights with 21700 batteries

Fenix TK20R v2

The Fenix TK20R v2 is a very useful dual switch tactical light.

Fenix TK20R v2 in hand
Fenix TK20R v2 runtime 5 minutes

The TK20R v2 is, as the name implies, the 2nd version of the TK20R, and with higher output and more throw (and almost double the battery capacity). Fenix often makes upgrades to their best-selling flashlights, and that’s what they did with the TK20R.

It’s RTR (ready-to-run) with everything needed (including Fenix’s excellent 5000 mAh 21700 protected li-ion battery) to open the box and get on with it.

The Fenix TK20R V2 is compact enough to fit in a jacket pocket, and thanks to the strong pocket clip and lanyard mounting points (clip, and two in the tailcap), along with the holster, there’s lots of retention options. Fenix is also known for their durable quality.

The light cannot be disassembled, and the only removable part is the tailcap, which has fully anodized (for mechanical lockout), large, and very precisely machined rectangular threads. This means maximum waterproofing.

The driver and tail spring are thick gold-plated units, and that’s important in a tactical or professional-use light, since they act like shock absorbers in the event the light is dropped (or smashed against a hard object).

It has an effective UI for professional-use and tactical use with instant Strobe available from both the Function switch and Tactical (clicky) switch.

Oh, and we also measured the light’s output at 2241 lumens, which is not bad, albeit not as bright as they claim. Want to know more? Head over to our Fenix TK20R v2 review.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Great UI with instant access to Strobe
  2. Maximum output of 2240 Lumens which is still a lot, even though it didn’t reach the claimed 3,000
  3. Package includes a high-quality Fenix 5000mAh 21700 lithium-ion cell, so you are ready to go
  4. The battery has a built-in charging feature (no need to buy a dedicated battery charger)

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Olight Warrior X3

First tactical flashlight with vibration alert for low battery power?

Olight Warrior X3 handling
Olight Warrior X3 runtime full graph
Max. brightness:2500 lumens (We measured 2545 )
Battery type:21700 lithium-ion (proprietary)
Charging:Magnetic charging

The Olight Warrior X3 is quite a unique tactical flashlight as it comes with a Vibrating Low Voltage Warning system. When the battery level goes down to 30%,  it starts vibrating once every 5 minutes. When the battery SOC(State of Charge) drops to 10%, it will vibrate every 60 seconds. When it drops to 5%, it does so every 10 seconds.

This is another flashlight that has lots to offer. It has a simple UI with only 2 modes, 1 Turbo and 1 Low. No hidden modes like strobe or anything else. This is one of the best tactical flashlights with 21700 batteries. We did an in-depth review of its, please check it out here: Warrior X3 review.

The beam itself is pretty intense, because of the smooth and deep reflector. However, it’s not as intense as a dedicated thrower flashlight, so you can still use it for close up work, even with the high lumen output.

Olight also provides a tactical grip ring for optimal grip, and you can get the optional remote switch.

This is why we would recommend the Warrior X3 flashlight:

  1. The flashlight comes with a rechargeable 21700 (proprietary) battery
  2. Magnetic USB charging system
  3. Very simple but effective UI, with only 2 modes, but with dual stage tail switch
  4. Vibrates when battery runs low!
  5. They guarantee a lifetime warranty

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Fenix HT30R

The Fenix HT30R is an LEP flashlight with one the most intense beams

Fenix HT30R in hand
Fenix HT30R runtime high

LED technology, and LED flashlights have come a long way. But there has been a new type of flashlight on the market, and that’s LEP. LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor and is basically a flashlight with a laser built into it, and without a reflector. This laser is then pointed at a layer of phosphor to turn the blue light into a yellow or white beam.

The HT30R is such a light, with only 500 lumens. Even though it doesn’t sound like a lot, 500 lumens is actually pretty normal for LEP flashlights. Their superpower is an immense tight beam that can reach over 1 mile! Yes, even with 500 lumens!

Fenix really knows how to make a great light, with maximum durability. The HT30R has such a nice build quality, you can tell it was made to be an actual tool – not just a run-of-the-mill flashlight.

The HT30R is a special one on this list of great flashlights for police, because of its unique light source. If you’re not sure whether this LEP flashlight fits your needs, read our in-depth review of the Fenix HT30R.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Great LEP police flashlight with plenty of light output
  2. Easy UI with instant access to Strobe
  3. Package includes a high-quality rechargeable Fenix 5000mAh 21700 battery
  4. The battery has a built-in charging feature (no need to buy a dedicated battery charger)

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Affordable Tactical flashlight for police

ThruNite TN12 PRO

Best budget tactical flashlight

ThruNite TN12 PRO inhand
ThruNite TN12 PRO runtime
Max. brightness:1900 lumens
Battery type:18650 lithium-ion (included)
Charging:USB-C charging

If somebody asks: what is the best affordable tactical flashlight you recommend: the answer is Thrunite TN12 PRO. For less than $50 you get an affordable tactical light with lots of accessories and plenty of power. You can even carry it as a pocket flashlight.

The user interface is easy to understand, so everyone knows how to use it within a minute. It also includes a strobe mode, that can be accessed easily with 3 clicks of the side switch (while on or off).

The accessories include a holster, lanyard (if you don’t like pocket clips), extra o-rings (for water resistance), and a spare side switch membrane, and a pocket clip. Just add a high-capacity 18650 battery and you’re ready to go. If you are looking for a budget tactical flashlight, you can’t go wrong with the TN12 PRO. 

Oh, and of course we reviewed this flashlight as well. So please check out our in-depth review of the Thrunite TN12 PRO here.

This is why we would recommend the TN12 PRO flashlight:

  1. The flashlight comes with a rechargeable 18650 battery
  2. USB-C onboard charging
  3. Lots of accessories included

Best long range police flashlight thrower with most lumens

Acebeam L35

Brightest tactical thrower, with 5,000 lumens

Acebeam L35 holding in hand
Acebeam L35 runtime chart
Max. brightness:5,000 lumens (We measured 6189 lumens at turn on)
Battery type:21700 lithium-ion (included)
Charging:No onboard charging, but the battery has USB-C charging port

The Acebeam L35 is one of those flashlights that can be used for multiple occasions, and for many circumstances. The beam is a combination of spotlight and floodlight, but also producing over 6,000 lumens at turn on.

And with the appropriate UI, it’s great for law enforcement, and general police use. Because it’s not just about the beam brightness or distance, but also about battery life, and even more, the sustained highest output. And in that regard, the L35 shines above all other competitors.

It’s able to sustain almost 1800 lumens for about 90 minutes. That’s very, very impressive. And therefore we rate it as one of the best around.

If you have some spare unprotected, flat top 21700 batteries around, you are good to go. Flat tops work as well, and you can even use an adapter to use 18650 batteries.

This is why we would recommend the Acebeam L35:

  1. The brightest tactical thrower, with durable construction
  2. Non proprietary battery so you can replace it easily with one from another brand
  3. Rechargeable 21700 battery with USB-C port included
  4. Throws plenty far with lots of lumens
  5. One of the best sustainable high output flashlights on the planet

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FAQ Police Flashlights

  • How many lumens is a police light?

    Most flashlights currently used by police range between 1000 and 2500 lumens. While most of them are closer to 1000 lumens. It’s important to check whether the flashlights have direct access to the highest modes (or strobe), and what their total battery life is. Don’t trust specifications! But read our reviews instead!

  • How much does a police flashlight cost?

    There are so many kinds of flashlights, in so many categories. But generally speaking, most of the flashlights on this list are between $70-$150 for police use.

  • Are the LumiTact G700, J5 good police lights?

    Torch lights like the LumiTact G700 or J5 Tacticals are actual scams and aren’t really made for duty or police work. You’d better stay away from them, and get one of the top-rated lights we added to the above list.

  • Are these the only great police flashlights you reviewed?

    No, of course not. There are many, many more. But we tested these, alongside hundreds of other police lights. So if you aren’t sure which to get, just get one from this list, and you won’t be disappointed. Some people like to point to Streamlight or Maglite flashlights, but this list is containing top rated flashlights that we thoroughly tested. Make sure you check whether the lights fit your needs, if they require any special batteries etc. For self defense and in use in combination with hand guns, make sure to read our reviews before buying one.