Amutorch XT45

Amutorch XT45 SBT90.2 review

Amutorch XT45 specifications

Brand / ModelAmutorch XT45
LEDLuminus SBT90.2
Beam intensity167,000 cd
Battery config.1*21700
Review dateAugust 2020


Do you know the brand Amutorch? Well, I do! I already own a small Stainless steel AA/14500 light from Amutorch with a TIR and a nice 4000K Nichia 219c (which my 6-year-old son confiscated and uses as a bedside light) for over two years, so that already says something. But it is a less familiar brand, however, it really deserves more attention One of their latest products is the Amutorch XT 45, which is a 21700 type light with the size of a regular C8 flashlight, the size is almost 100% identical.

It is offered in two colors, black and dark grey (which looks more blueish) and they offer 3 LED choices, you can choose either a Luminus SST40 in 5000k or 6500k, rated 2100 Lm (?) or you can choose the Luminus SBT90.2 in 5700K which is rated 5000Lm!

The size is almost identical to a C8 but the styling is slightly different. It uses a mechanical rear clicky and the hold and feel are identical. The only few differences are the knurling and design. The XT45 is a little heavier, which is a good thing since I chose the SBT90.2 version which is a power-hungry light

What you’ll get:

The package itself is quite basic, however, it does what it’s meant for, holding the light. After all, it’s just a package and most people will throw it away anyway.
There is a small handwritten label next to the Amutorch branded label, which states what LED type the light is equipped with.
When opening the cardboard box at first you will find a hard type plastic foam protection, Below this plastic protection, there is the same type protection with a cutout where the light is placed into and next to it the spare O rings and lanyard.

That’s all that’s in the box, there is no manual or other accessories.

  • Amutorch XT45 SBT90.2 
  • Spare O rings
  • Lanyard
  • Rubber anti-roll add-on for the tube (cigar grip)

Handling of the light

The light itself feels very familiar, as mentioned in the introduction because size-wise it has almost the same dimensions as a classic C8 type light. Even though a C8 is a 18650 size light, where this is a 21700 size light.
It uses a rear mechanical tail switch with a forward clicky switch. All this feels and handles very nice, the handling is very fine and it seems well balanced, it does not sag or lean for or backward while holding, using, or operating the XT45.

Actually, this is a perfect size for a high-output pocket thrower. That’s probably why they designed the XT45 with similar dimensions as the popular C8 style flashlight. Since, you can’t go wrong with a C8 flashlight, you can’t go wrong with this one either!

Build Quality, knurling, threads, and anodization

The light seems to be well built, it has thick tubing walls, the threads are well dimensioned, and even though the anodization on the end of the tube is a little rough, the overall quality is more than OK. I like the fact that it feels a little chunky, it gives you the feeling of holding a strong and reliable flashlight. It gives a feeling of durability and sturdiness, it is built like a tank!

The knurling is cool since it uses an untraditional type of knurling with milled out fins which are milled horizontal as well, which gives the effect of protruding rectangles.

The head has large cooling fins (which is good, since this is a high power light) and has a hexagon shape on the lower end of the head, which works an anti-roll feature. The anti-roll ring (cigar grip ring) is designed so it lays stable on a flat surface.

The transparent silicone O-rings are designed well and the threads are, while not being buttery smooth, well dimensioned and square-shaped

And of course, there is a lanyard. What is nice to see is that this is not a standard cheap one, but a good quality luxurious one with adjustable length using the adjustable button.

LEDs, Lens, Bezel, and Reflector

The Amutorch XT45 is available with two types of emitters, my particular light is equipped with a Luminus SBT90.2 LED in it but it is also available with a Luminus SST40 emitter.

The XT45 is a traditional type of light with a reflector behind glass and sealed with a transparent silicon O-ring (which was stuck to the glass). The bezel has small protruding crenelations and the head has a lot of fins on the bezel.

It comes with a nice smooth reflector, with a perfectly fitted gasket to isolate the LED from the reflector. The construction of the light is very decent.


  • Head diameter:  45 mm ( 1.77 ”)
  • Body diameter:  26 mm ( 1.02 ”)
  • Body length: 141 mm (5.55″)


  • Empty: 168 grams
  • With lanyard: 174 grams
  • With cigar grip and lanyard: 176 grams

Popular flashlights

The size of the Amutorch compared to other popular flashlights (throwers)

From left to right: BLF Q8, Amutorch XT45, Convoy C8, Astrolux FT03

Driver & User Interface:

Modes: The switch is a mechanical switch, so you switch the light ON and OFF with a full press. After the light is switched ON, it will start in the last memorized mode (except Turbo, which is not memorized). To cycle through the modes: use a half-press.
What is worth mentioning, Amutorched seems to have released an updated UI that differs from the one I review here, which utilizes another sequence and has a strobe mode.

The updated UI is (Not this flashlight) Full-press = turn On/Off (has mode memory)
Half-press: High →Medium → Low → Very Low
Double half-press: Turbo (Turbo is not in regular cycle, and is not memorized)
Triple half-press: Strobe

This Flashlight: My particular light does not have a strobe option (i’m happy with that, i hate strobe) and uses
Full-press = turn On/Off (has mode memory)
Half-press: Low → Medium → High
Double half-press: Turbo (Turbo is not in regular cycle, and is not memorized)

From OFF:

  • Single-click: last used mode (mode-memory)
  • Double click/half press: High
  • Triple click: NA
  • 4x click: NA

From ON:

  • Single-click: Off
  • Double click: Turbo

Mode memory:

  • It does feature mode memory, but not for turbo

Low voltage warning:

  • The light features low voltage warning, it will start a low-frequency blinking when the battery voltage is dropped below 3V


  • NA

Lock-out mode:

  • There is no electronic lockout mode available, however, a mechanical lockout is still possible by unscrewing the tailcap a half turn.


  • The light uses a constant current driver and I could not detect PWM


  • To enable Turbo, use a double half press on the power switch while the light is ON!. As mentioned before, double click will not activate Turbo from OFF, only from ON

Battery check

  • N.A.

Thermal Control

The light get’s HOT ! I have used an uncooled setup for testing runtime on a purple shocklii 21700 cell and have checked the temperature at different intervals and before stepping down or thermal throttle as some may call it, it almost reached a whopping 80 DegC !
Temperature regulation is quite aggressive, as the Lumens/runtime graph shows. It will almost completely switch off after 9-10 minutes after Turbo. When the light is cooled down it will start again and increase brightness. After that, it will eventually step down again, but since this is a lower setting, temperature regulation works much better. As mentioned earlier, this light consumes a lot of energy and needs to dissipate all that heat. It has good fins, but on a passive testing setup like mine it will work suboptimally.

Batteries and charging:

This light generates a lot of light, the downside of that is that it will consume a lot of current from the battery on High and especially in Turbo mode.
To achieve this, the XT45 will perform best with a decent high drain unprotected cell. Protected cells will prevent or even trip at high currents, and therefore will not fully utilize the performance of this light. Note that flat top batteries are advised, button top might fit since it uses springs on both ends, but as said, flat tops are advised.

There is no additional charging system on this light, so you will need to take it out of the light to charge it using an external charger.


The XT45 is my first light with a Luminus SBT90.2 LED in it. It is praised a lot on BLF (budgetlightforum) and I wanted to see if I can confirm the hype. After receiving the light, I took it outside in the dark and at first, I wasn’t impressed by it. It was very bright though but it just did not perform as expected. Then I found out the XT45 wasn’t running in Turbo. A double click from the Off position does not activate Turbo mode. Turbo mode is only activated by using a double click from ON.

When I found that out, it made a big difference, which made me grin! It throws an impressive bright beam, and it covers a vast area, whereas the Noctigon KR1 with an Osram LED throws very far, but with a thin pencil beam.  The XT45 lights up at least 4-5 times the area of the Noctigon KR1, which is impressive!

The downside of all this power is the current consumption from the battery to achieve this. It’s good that its fitted with a 21700 battery, since it can hold more energy than any 18650 battery.

I did not test the reverse polarity protection, but Amutorch states that it is equipped with it.

I did the Lux readings with a UNI-T UT 383 S lux meter, and temperature readings with a Non-contact infrared thermometer, type Benetech GM-320. I did current readings with a UNI-T 210E Digital Clamp Meter

Runtime graph

The chart shows 1 test, but I did this test multiple times to ensure that my findings were correct.
Both tests were almost exactly identical, the differences were negligible.

The tests are done after a full charge cycle using a purple Schocklii 21700 4550 mAh cell. According to Amutorch, the XT45 is rated at 5000 Lumens, and my tests show even a slightly higher number! So, it seems to perform very well.

As shown in the graph, the temperature regulation is quite aggressive, but on the other hand, you have to take in mind that this is just a small host, it is the same size as a classic C8 flashlight! This LED performs very well in this light, but a bigger host would really help out for both temperature and heat dissipation as well as performing even better, throw wise. For now, the 5000 Lm is only available as a short burst since the heat and the battery drain will lower its performance significantly.
If Amutorch wants to bring out something really stunning, they should make a larger light with a triple 21700 setup and a nice big head. This would have a better thermal mass.

But that’s just my suggestion for looking for a perfect flashlight, this one performs still very good.

During testing, the Low voltage warning kicked in after 80 minutes.

Lumen measurements and Amps (for each mode)

The results should be taken with a grain of salt, since i am using an integrating Lumen tube which is not officially calibrated, so take into account a deviation of +- 10%

  • Turbo 5210 Lm — 15,4 A — 64,65W — 80 Lm/W
  • H 2146 Lm — 5,87 A — 24,65W — 87Lm/W
  • M 1304 Lm — 3,75 A — 15,75W — 83 Lm/W
  • L 71 Lm — 0,27 A — 1,134W — 64 Lm/W

Throw numbers:

  • L 94 Lux @ 5m (approx 2350 Cd)
  • M 1710 Lux @ 5m (approx 42750 Cd)
  • H 2716 Lux @ 5m (approx 67900 Cd)
  • T 6273 Lux @ 5m (approx 156825 Cd) (7063 Lx/176.575 cd with a Samsung 40T)

It is evident that the quality and brand of the used cell will affect the light’s output. All tests above were done using a purple Shockli 2550 mAh cell. I have re-tested the throw numbers using a Samsung 40T cell as well and found out that all numbers were equal, except for Turbo.
Turbo output was significantly higher using the Samsung cell; the difference was 800 Lux, which equals to 20.000 candelas!

Disclaimer: This flashlight was sent to me for review at no cost, by Nealsgadgets. I have not been paid to review, nor have I been holding back on problems or defects.

Final verdict


  1. Handheld size with fantastic output
  2. Good build quality
  3. High output with SBT90.2 LED
  4. 21700 can hold quite some power
  5. Constant current driver without PWM
  6. Temperature regulated


  1. Draws a lot of current and gets HOT !
  2. Drops in output to almost 0 after a few minutes
Reviewer Peter
Author: Peter

Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★

The Amutorch XT45 is a fantastic pocket-sized light with awesome output and great throw! And all of that in a light that is the size of a classic C8 but uses a larger 21700 cells. The build quality is not top-notch, but it still is very decent and seems to be very rigid. The light itself is fairly basic, as mentioned multiple times in the review. The only real competitor is the C8, but the XT45 is a bit heavier and way more fun to play with because of the SBT90.2 LED in it. While it draws a lot of current, to reach the 5000Lm mark, it is a fantastic thrower and it lights up an entire area while still giving fantastic throw.

The only drawback of that is that the energy consumption can not all be transferred into light and therefore it will get hot. The temperature regulation works well, albeit being a bit aggressive. The SBT90.2 is an expensive LED therefore the price of the light is higher than the typical Convoy C8 or Astrolux C8, but you’ll get a lot more fun. Downsides? Not really, I’d only wish the temperature regulation would be better, so you can use Turbo mode for a longer time and use a better stepdown regulation to cool down the light.

All in all, with the XT45 you’ll get a fantastic little flashlight that seems to be built very well, has a great output, and can throw very well.

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