Imalent LD70

Imalent LD70 review

Brand / ModelImalent LD70
Lumens4,000 Lm
Beam intensity10350 cd
Battery config.1*18350
Modes5 (4+turbo)
WaterproofIPX8 (2m underwater)
Review dateJune 2020


One of Imalent’s latest products is the LD70, a keychain-sized flashlight with an XHP70.2 emitter!

This one, however, is quite unique because most keychain-sized flashlights use standard 3V LED Emitters like the Cree XPL-HI or equivalent. Imalent pushed the boundaries again, something Imalent is well known for, because this one has a 6V emitter with a very high output of 4000 Lm. It also includes a built-in OLED display to indicate the battery voltage and the selected Lumen output, magnetic USB charging, and an E-switch! Now, that’s what I call unique and pushing the boundaries. No one did all that in a small light like this before!

It is powered by one built-in (high drain) 1100mAh 18350 Li-ion battery and is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. With its big metal tail switch, the LD70 lets users quickly switch between 5 brightness levels and direct access to Turbo. All these features, plus the magnetic USB charging, make the LD70 an unmatched choice!

What you’ll get:

Ýou can really see the attention to detail Imalent has spent on the packaging. It uses firm cardboard and beautiful, fully printed packaging. There is a thinner outer cardboard packing, which you must slide off to reveal the package holding the light.

To open that, you have to unfold the box, it is no traditional box, very neatly designed.

Inside, you will find an Imalent card, the user manual below it, and the LD70 firmly held by sturdy black foam underneath.

Under the black foam, more accessories are packed. Once you have taken it out, you will find a sealed plastic bag with a lanyard and the magnetic USB (Type A) charging cable.

  • Imalent LD70 with built-in battery
  • Lanyard
  • Manual
  • Magnetic USB charging cable

Handling of the light

The light itself feels very unusual, very techy as if you are holding an item or relic of star wars. Imalent claims it to be a keychain-sized flashlight but is slightly too large for that. However, the handling of the light is very good due to the big metal button which operates the E-switch that gives very positive feedback, clicking it.

Due to its size, it is very comfortable to hold and fits my palms perfectly. Its somewhat square-ish design prevents it from rolling, and tail-standing is possible.

Build Quality, knurling, threads, and anodization

As mentioned earlier, it does not have traditional knurling. The light is square-shaped with rounded corners. A smooth outer tube is wrapped around the inner tube/light with cutouts and the Imalent engraving. It is not a traditional shaped light, Imalent has really put some effort into this light’s design to make it unique.

More traditional people might want to avoid this one, but more progressive people might enjoy this unique light with a renewed design. I had to get used to it, but after a week or 2 I can really see the effort which has been put in this light so am more forgiving, and I started to like it

The anodisation seems very good; it does not show flaws or marks after a little abuse. I usually discuss the threads as well, but since this light does not come with a removable cell, there is no need to discuss that because it simply doesn’t have any!

Last but not least, what should we say about the lanyard ring? it’s good!

LEDs, Lens, Bezel, and Reflector

The Imalent LD70 is equipped with a single XPH70.2 LED. Imalent does not state the color tint but it is on the neutral to cool side, and I would guess around 5500K.

The light uses a reflector that has a very light Orange Peel finish, which results in a very nice uniform floody beam. Due to its design, it is not possible to disassemble the light easily, something I often like to do when reviewing a flashlight. So, unfortunately, I can only talk about the outside. The bezel has a blue PVD coated color and the head is completely smooth without any crenelations.

The flashlight’s most important feature is its beam. And if I had to describe this in one word, it would be flood!

It has a tremendous output for such a small light, literally, everything will be lit. However, it is not a thrower, the light won’t reach as far a distance as the Noctigon KR4. Please take a look at the comparison images below.

One thing I noticed when whitewall hunting, it produces the typical Cree XHP70.2 rainbow corona.


  • Length: 81 mm
  • Head diameter:  25 mm
  • Body diameter: 25 mm


  • With battery: 87 gr

EDC Flashlights

Size compared to other popular EDC flashlights.

From left to right: Emisar D4 (18350 tube) , Noctigon KR4 (18350 tube), Imalent LD70 and Imalent MS03

Driver & User Interface:

From OFF:

  • Press and hold: Cycle the ‘Normal” modes. When the flashlight is on, press and hold the power switch button, it will cycle from 20lm- 200lm-900lm-2000lm, release the power switch button will save the needed output level
  • Single-click:  to last used mode (mode memory)
  • Double click: Turbo
  • Triple-click: back to mode before activating Turbo
  • 4 clicks: Lockout mode

From ON:

  • Half-press: Cycle through the different modes
  • Single-click: Turns the light off
  • Double click: Turbo
  • Triple-click: (OLED display will switch to battery voltage indication or Lm output indication (depending on actual displayed status)
  • 4 clicks: N/A

Mode memory:

  • The flashlight will remember the brightness that was previously used. When you turn the flashlight on, it will go back to the last used mode.  (Turbo and strobe without memory)

Blinky modes menu:

  • Strobe mode can only be reached from the Turbo mode. When in Turbo mode, double click the switch to activate Strobe. Slightly press the power switch button to exit Strobe mode.

Low battery warning:

  • With the flashlight on; When the voltage is lower than 3.1V, the battery symbol on the OLED display will flash 8 times per 30 seconds.

Lock-out mode:

  • With the flashlight turned off, quickly press the power switch button four times to activate the lockout mode. Repeat to deactivate.
  • One funny thing is that the OLED display, when the lockout mode is activated, will show a locked padlock icon when unlocking it will show an unlocked padlock icon! This is especially useful when you question yourself why the light doesn’t turn on.


  • High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness

Battery Check

  • Press the power switch button three times to check battery voltage.

Thermal Control

  • The flashlight will generate a lot of heat when using the highest output modes. When the flashlight body internal temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, the brightness will decrease to 900lumens. This is to ensure safe, comfortable use and prevent discomfort from overheating. When the temperature is higher than 65 degrees Celsius, the turbo mode cannot be activated.

Firmware / UI Conclusion:

  • As mentioned in other reviews, cycling through modes from Low to High is nice, but you can’t go backward. It would be far more efficient to have the option to cycle backward as well. For instance by using a single click to increase brightness and a press-and-hold to decrease brightness!

Batteries and charging:

Charging the Imalent LD70 is very easy because you don’t have to take out the battery. Just connect the included magnetic USB charging cable to an external USB power source (the USB power source is not included).

The light can be charged through any USB power supply, including power banks or USB ports on desktops and laptops. Simply connect the magnetic cable to the magnetic interface of the flashlight.
You cannot go wrong with this connection since it only fits one way and is very clear how to use it. The OLED display indicates the charging status by means of a blinking battery symbol. When the battery has reached 4.2 V, the battery symbol consists of 5 bars. It then stops automatically after 5 seconds.

Charging the internal 18350, 1100 mAh battery, will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Lux readings are done with a UNI-T UT 383 S lux meter, temperature readings are recorded with an infrared Noncontact thermometer, type Benetech GM-320. Current readings are done with a UNI-T 210E Digital Clamp Meter

Amp measurement

Unfortunately, the design of the Imalent LD70 does not allow current measurements because it uses a built-in, nonreplaceable battery. Also, the light cannot be opened without using force and breaking it.

Runtime graphs

The charts show 2 different tests, both done after a full charge cycle. One test is done on Turbo and the other on Medium.

According to the manual, Turbo mode emits 4000Lm and should last for 1 minute, before it steps down to 900Lm that will last for another 38 minutes.

Well, Turbo output is measured at 3626 Lm, so it does not reach the claimed output of 4000Lm. Also, it doesn’t last 1 minute, but it steps down at 30 seconds to ~2250 Lm. After 2.5 minutes, it steps down to ~700 Lm. And after 8 minutes it produces 500 Lm for another 30 minutes.

Medium mode is supposed to be 900 Lm for 45 minutes. That is not correct either. While it starts at 900 Lm, it steps down to approximately 630 Lm after four minutes. After 13 minutes, it steps down again to 500 Lm until the battery is almost empty within 42 minutes.

So the runtimes are quite accurate, but the numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Lumen measurements

The results should be taken with a grain of salt since I am using an integrating Lumen tube which is not officially calibrated, so take into account a deviation of +- 10%

  • Low: 53 Lm
  • Medium: 173 Lm
  • Medium 888 Lm
  • High: 2044 Lm
  • Turbo: 3626 Lm

Throw numbers:

  • 1. 4 Lux @ m5 (approx 100 Cd)
  • 2. 13 Lux @ 5m (approx 325 Cd)
  • 3. 68 Lux @ 5m (approx 1700 Cd)
  • 4. 161 Lux @ 5m (approx 4025 Cd)
  • 5. 291 Lux @ 5m (approx 7275 Cd)

Disclaimer: This flashlight was sent to me for review at no cost, by Imalent. I have not been paid to review, nor have I been holding back on problems or defects.

Overall conclusion


  1. Fun little light with many features
  2. Unusual styling
  3. High output
  4. OLED display
  5. magnetic charging


  1. Large for a 18350 flashlight
  2. Non-replaceable battery
  3. UI / cycling modes
  4. Typical XHP70.2 Cree rainbow corona
  5. No pocket clip
Reviewer Peter
Author: Peter

Overall Rating: good

Fun little light with many features that are not commonly available all in one light. This includes an OLED display (to display the battery voltage and battery state/charging indication), an E-switch, magnetic charging, high output, and it seems to have it all in 1 package. Whether you like it or not, that’s just a matter of personal taste, I had to get used to it, but started to appreciate it after using it for a while.

However, it has to be said that for a 18350 size light, it is on the large side. It actually is a little too large to EDC or put on your keychain. Of course, you have to consider that it is packed with many features that all need to be implemented and need space. The claimed numbers are not met and the UI which cycles modes by holding the switch feels a little outdated, this really needs some attention. All in all, a fun little light with many features that the competition does not have!

Final rating: 3.5 stars!

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