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Best Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight with 18650 battery

Olight Warrior Mini 2

Olight warrior Mini 2 in hand
Olight warrior mini 2 runtime vs mini 1
Brightness:1750 lumens (We measured 1658 ANSI lumens)
Battery type:18650 lithium-ion (proprietary, and is included)
Charging:Magnetic built-in charging (Using a USB cord with a magnetic base)
Instant modes:Instant strobe and Instant turbo available in Tactical mode group

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is a great little 18650 flashlight. It uses a powerful Luminus SST40 LED to reach an output of 1658 lumens. If you are looking for a small rechargeable tactical flashlight, check this one out.

During our test, we noticed that the runtime of the Warrior Mini is exceptional. It runs for 19 hours at 100 + lumens in Medium mode, while Turbo and High mode last more than 4 hours each. Its highest output of 1750 lumens (which I measured at 1658 lumens after 30 seconds). After the output drop to 500+ lumens it continues running at this output for more than 3.5 hours, which is just amazing from a single 18650 battery.

The included battery can be charged with a normal lithium-ion battery charger (using a trick) but it’s recommended to charge it inside the flashlight. If you want to read all the details about the flashlight, we have a very in-depth review for you. Please find out more about the Olight Warrior Mini 2 here.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Relatively short tactical flashlight with magnetic base (no USB ports)
  2. The flashlight has a long battery life, with a medium mode (116 lumens) running more than 19 hours. Low mode and Moon mode will last much much longer.
  3. Olight provides excellent warranty and customer support
  4. The flashlight is very easy to use with 2 user configurations.
  5. Proximity sensor gives an extra layer of protection so you won’t burn yourself

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Best Tactical Flashlights with 21700 batteries

Olight Warrior 3s

A tactical flashlight with a dual-stage switch

Olight Warrior 3S in hand
Olight Warrior 3S battery life chart
Brightness:2300 lumens (We measured 2568 at turn-on)
Battery type:21700 lithium-ion (proprietary, and included)
Charging:MCC3 Magnetic charging
Instant modes:Strobe and Turbo are instantly accessible in Tactical mode group

We extensively tested the Olight Warrior 3S and came to the conclusion this is one of the highest-quality tactical flashlights currently on the market. It’s the successor of the M2R PRO and Warrior 3, and performs even better, both in terms of lumens and throw. Of course, the highest output is only available for the first few minutes, but the options and accessories are superb.

Charging works via the included MCC3 magnetic charging cable. All in all, this is a great tactical flashlight with some great features in a ready-to-go package. Read our full in-depth review for all the details.

We recommend the Warrior 3S flashlight:

  1. It comes with a rechargeable 21700 battery
  2. Has a unique Magnetic USB charging system, so no more Micro USB or USB-C cables
  3. 2 mode configurations, so you can switch between ‘normal and tactical’ mode group
  4. Proximity sensor for extra safety (which can be switched off)
  5. The Warrior 3S is available in different flashlight colors, and materials.

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Acebeam P18

Rechargeable tactical flashlight with vibration alert for low battery power

Acebeam P18 in use
Acebeam P18 runtime first 60 minutes
Brightness:50000 lumens (We measured 4300 at turn on, 4145 ANSI lumens)
Battery type:21700 lithium-ion (proprietary)
Charging:Magnetic charging

Taken directly from the review:

Once again, Acebeam has set the bar pretty high. Not only that, but they aimed for a somewhat tricky corner of the flashlight market with the P18 Defender. Not only did they release a multi LED light, but gave it a tactical modus operandi.

Generally, those are two terms I haven’t had positive experiences with, but in the P18’s case, that was most definitely not my experience. All the typical Acebeam-y things are present: Professional-level performance and features, amazing build quality, fit, and finish, and excellent electronics. I really appreciate the 2 A onboard charging with the retractable charge port cover as well. It more or less meets the factory output specs, it’s somewhat compact, and has great beam distance. Acebeam didn’t burden the end-user with a proprietary battery either, and while most won’t care, it’s a great feature that adds utility since dead batteries can be swapped on the fly.

Although the missing lanyard is a bummer, the missing holster is a downright shame since the P18 is a bit chunky for pocket carry. I’m still disenfranchised over the dinky USB cable, but I can excuse that since it’s better than nothing. At the end of the day though, we need to answer the nagging question: Is this a true tactical-use light? On paper it is, and in real-world testing it would make a decent duty light, and could probably find its way onto a MOLLE kit or web gear for tac use.

On the other hand, it makes a great general purpose light as well, so you could argue it’s a great multi-role light, sort of like the aircraft equivalent of the F-15 or Eurorfighter. I give 

This is why we would recommend the Acebeam P18 rechargeable tactical flashlight:

  1. Great quality, fit, and finish
  2. Great beam distance, with over 85,000 cd / 585 meters after 30 seconds
  3. Onboard USB-C charging
  4. Dual switch UI
  5. Includes high-quality 21700 battery (but you can also use other branded 21700s.

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Cheap Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight

ThruNite TN12 PRO

Best rechargeable tactical flashlight

ThruNite TN12 PRO inhand
ThruNite TN12 PRO runtime
Max. brightness:1900 lumens
Battery type:18650 lithium-ion (included)
Charging:USB-C charging built-in

If somebody asks: what is the best affordable rechargeable tactical flashlight you recommend: the answer is Thrunite TN12 PRO. For about $50 you get a good tactical light with lots of accessories. Oh, and if you can wait for a deal, they sometimes go for $40.

The UI is easy and intuitive, and it includes a strobe mode, that can be accessed easily with 3 clicks of the side switch (while on or off).

The accessories include a holster, a lanyard, o-rings, a spare side switch membrane, a battery, and a pocket clip, so you’re ready to go. If you want to know more details, read our in-depth ThruNite Tn12 Pro review before buying. .

This is why we would recommend the TN12 PRO flashlight:

  1. The flashlight comes with lots of accessories and a 18650 battery
  2. It has USB-C onboard charging
  3. The beam has a pretty neutral tone, in the higher modes.

Brightest Rechargeable Tactical flashlights

Nitecore TM9K Tac

World’s most powerful tactical flashlight with 1 battery

Nitecore TM9K Tac holding
Nitecore TM9K Tac runtime turbo
Brightness:9800 lumens (We measured 11,500 lumens at turn on) Only in bursts
Battery type:21700 lithium-ion (built-in, not removable)
Charging:Onboard USB-C charging
Instant modes:Turbo with press-hold Mode button. Strobe is accessible by double clicking Mode button

The Nitecore TM9K Tac is definitely a special breed. It’s about the size of a C8, but multiple times the output. Instead of the average 1000-2000 lumens tactical lights, the TM9K does 10 times that amount, but only in short bursts though. Since Turbo can only be activated momentarily, by continuously pressing the tactical switch.

With the built-in 21700 lithium-ion battery, you can get a burst of over 10,000 lumens. The 9 LEDs are sitting in a shallow reflector that results in a maximum candela of 23,425 cd or 306 meters of throw. High mode still reaches 136 meters / 149 yards. If you want the baddest and brightest Tactical light, get this one.

This is why we would recommend the Nitecore TM9K:

  1. The brightest rechargeable military light with a single battery
  2. USB-C onboard charging
  3. The beam is fairly neutral white
  4. The UI is pretty easy to use

Keep in mind that Turbo mode is only used in bursts, momentary, so it’s great for instant sun-like brightness, but only for a fraction of a second.

Nitecore TM20K

Rechargeable tactical flashlight with high lumens

Nitecore TM20K switch
TM20K runtime 30 min
Max. brightness:20,000 lumens (We measured 18,167 lumens at turn on, 3105lm after 30 sec)
Battery type:2*21700 lithium-ion (built-in, not removable)
Charging:USB-C charging
Instant modes:Turbo, by pressing the Tactical button. Strobe is a little hidden

The Nitecore TM20K is extra special. Not just because of the astounding lumen rating of 20,000 but also because of its size and form factor.

The 3 switches are all at the tail end, so the TM20K is designed to be carried with your thumb at the end and your pinky towards the head. You can actually carry it cigar-grip style, using the clip for extra grip, though it’d get heavy after a while.

The UI looks a bit overwhelming with 3 switches, but it’s quick and easy to learn.

This is currently the brightest official tactical light on the market. period.

This is why we would recommend the Nitecore TM20K:

  1. The brightest Tactical flashlight
  2. USB-C onboard charging
  3. Ready to go, so you don’t need to buy a separate charger
  4. 3 switches for specific use cases

Keep in mind that Turbo mode is only momentary, so it’s great for instant sun-like brightness, but only for a fraction of a second.

FAQ: Rechargeable tactical flashlights

  • Are tactical flashlights always rechargeable?

    No, they aren’t. There are many good tactical flashlights that are not rechargeable, even though most advertisements say they are. They usually refer to the rechargeable battery it uses. And that is kind of a strange way to look at it. All high-end tactical flashlights can use lithium-ion batteries, which by default are rechargeable.

  • What is the most common charging system?

    Even though many brands include a proprietary charging system, like Olight or Armytek, most are using USB-C charging. That’s way better and easier to use than the older Micro USB type charging. The only con is that this is another way to get water or dirt inside.

  • When are LED flashlights called tactical flashlights?

    When it comes to a rechargeable tactical flashlight, you should think first: tactical, and secondly, rechargeable. A true tactical flashlight can have a beating, should have instant access to Turbo (and Strobe if possible), and use a UI that fits an emergency situation. You don’t want to have hidden modes on any tactical flashlights, that could accidentally be activated. Rechargeable refers to the way the battery can be charged INSIDE the flashlight.