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This compilation caters for everyone, from novices to die hard flashoholics.

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The best flashlight gifts for men

Flashlight for under $25

You can get these flashlights on Amazon, and other online stores. Ready to order!

Small AA flashlight Lumintop Tool AA 2.0

The best Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 in different colors
Lumintop Tool AA beam
Lumintop Tool AA

From all the flashlights we have reviewed, the Lumintop AA 2.0 flashlight is one we can recommend to anybody. This is even a great flashlight for people who we call “flashoholics” in our community.

For about $20 you get a simple flashlight, from a good brand, which is very reliable. If you buy one without a lithium-ion battery, you can have it for about $20-$25, but I’d recommend getting one including the battery to really impress. With this lithium battery, the flashlight can produce over 600 lumens, which is like 20 times brighter than those traditional big Maglite flashlights.

The Tool AA is one of those lights you just can’t go wrong with. We’ve reviewed the Titanium version of the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 here.

Why we can recommend this flashlight

  • Can be used with normal AA batteries, and with lihtium-ion batteris for extra power
  • Great for all types of people, including young adults
  • Pretty affordable at around $20-$25 without a battery, or $25-$30 with battery

The ones linked below are including the rechargeable lithium-ion battery!

Unique flashlights every guy will love

Olight Arkfeld Pro

Great flashlight with a green laser pointer, that looks like a remote control

olight arkfeld pro in use 3
gabriel 30m olight arkfeld pro
Olight Arkfeld Pro
Brightness:Plenty bright at 1,300 lumens, and we measured it at 1264 lumens
Charging:You can charge it with the included magnetic charging cable
Best for:People who want something that looks unique but is high quality!
Special:1. Available in different colors and designs.
2. It has a green laser pointer built in, as well as an UV light

Black cylindrical flashlights get a bit boring, how about this one?

The Olight Arkfeld Pro is probably one of the most interesting lights to gift. This specific model is a combination of the Olight Arkfeld and Arfeld UV, because it combines a green laser with UV LED. The looks may be deceiving, but the power and flexibility of this light are just astonishing.

Even the more hardcore flashlight users wouldn’t mind receiving this as a gift!

Besides the easy charging of the flashlight anywhere, the battery life is also very good. In Turbo mode (the highest possible mode) it runs for 3 minutes at over 1200 lumens before dropping to 400 and runs for over 2 hours. The medium mode was tested at 10 hours of battery life, and we haven’t even tested Low and Moon modes because they would run for 55+ hours and 11 days respectively.

Anyway, here’s a quick summary of why we recommend this flashlight:

  1. Great for gifting to anybody who likes unique and classy flashlights
  2. Easy to recharge on the road. You just need a USB power adapter/plug
  3. The built-in laser pointer and UV LED can be beneficial for work or hotel rooms… maybe not.
  4. Available in multiple colors so that you can match it with your other EDC gear or outfit.
  5. Olight gives a good warranty and stands behind its products, with an office in the US

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Olight Arkfeld Pro

Unique designed Acebeam E70 Mini

This is available in Titanium as well! And would make a great flashlight gift

Acebeam E70 mini inhand
acebeam e70 mini titanium
Max output2,000 lumens (we measured 1700 at turn on)
ChargingThe included battery has a USB-C port for charging
SpecialIt’s available in titanium and aluminum.. which makes it a great gift for men
Best forMen who love cool-looking tools and gadgets

Acebeam is based in China, but sells its flashlight worldwide, including on Amazon, Walmart etc. Some of their flashlights are pretty unique and interesting to use. This particular one is pretty bright, and small.

We measured 1700 lumens at turn-on, and 1561 lumens after 30 seconds. And even though that is not close to the 2,000 lumens they claim, the design and power (because most people don’t even have a flashlight that does over 1,000 lumens) is till fabulous.

I personally think that this is one of the best-looking flashlights produced in the last few years.

Besides its great-looking design, it has several slots to add tritium vials or glow tubes. The latter is much cheaper and easily available. Tritium vials are more expensive and harder to get.

Why I think the E70 Mini is a great option for men:

  1. It has a beautiful and unique design, so it’s not just a boring black flashlight
  2. It’s available in titanium to make an even more unique gift
  3. Comes with a rechargeable 18650 battery, with built-in USB-C charging, so you are ready to go. No need to buy a separate battery charger or anything.

Get a whopping 15% off your next order at Acebeam.com with the following discount coupon: AE15. Simply add the coupon code at your checkout.

Single-cell lithium powered LED flashlights

Imalent LD70

A bright little flashlight that fits in your pocket, reaching over 3500 lumens.

Imalent LD70 in hand
Imalent LD70
Brightness:4,000 lumens, but we measured 3,600 lumens at turn on
Charging:Comes with a special USB charging cable
Best for:All types of men, but not children

Imalent is known for being one of the few manufacturers that try to achieve the maximum output. The LD70 is no exception in that regard. Pushing out over 3,500 lumens from a single cell is great.

If you are looking for a pocketable flashlight to blind 100 people at once, get the LD70. Please check out our in-depth review of the Imalent LD70 for all the details.

This is why we recommend this for gifting

  1. Pretty unique looking and therefore easy to carry
  2. Very powerful for such a small light
  3. No need to buy a separate battery or battery charger. The package includes a built-in battery and a charging cable.

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores. Use discount code 1lumen at Imalentstore for 10% off

Coolest and brightest flashlight a man can get

Fenix HT30R: extremely long-distance flashlight

The Fenix HT30R is an LEP flashlight with an intense beam that no LED flashlight can do

Fenix HT30R in hand
Fenix HT30R beam
Fenix HT30R

Welcome to the world of the new generation flashlights. I am pretty sure that 99% of all the people around the world have never heard of this new flashlight technology.

So if you are looking for something unique, read on.

I’m talking about LEP flashlights. LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor, so instead of using an LED as the lightsource it uses a laser.

No! It’s not a laser pointer. Not at all. You wouldn’t even notice it uses a laser, because the technology makes it look like your average flashlight.. Kind of.. because the beam can travel further than any LED flashlight of this size.

We’ve tested this extensively, and measured the beam distance to be 1763 yards, which is amazing. No LED flashlight of this size can reach this far. And the other good thing is: this is totally legal!

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this is probably the most extreme flashlight you can get from this list.

If you’re not sure whether this LEP flashlight fits your needs, read our in-depth review of the Fenix HT30R.

This is why we would recommend the Fenix HT30R flashlight:

  1. It uses the newest flashlight technology and is therefore still pretty unique
  2. The package includes a high-quality rechargeable Fenix 5000mAh 21700 battery with USB port, so you don’t need to buy a separate battery charger.
  3. Fenix is a US brand.

If you use our discount code 1Lumen20 at Fenix lighting, you can get 10% off your first order.

Acebeam X75: 80,000 lumens flashlight

Extremely bright flashlight, with the highest sustainable output of all!

Max. brightness:80,000 lumens (we measured 83,607 lumens at the highest point)
Battery type:4*21700 battery pack
Charging:High-speed charging (65 Watt USB-C PD) so it’s ready in no time.
Best for:Grown up men, who love the biggest and coolest toys and tools.

There are only a handful of flashlights that can produce over 50,000 lumens, especially with only 4 batteries. The X75 is currently the highest-output flashlight, running on just 4 batteries and with a built-in fan. By the way, this fan is user-replaceable, and Acebeam even includes a spare one.

Even though we tested the Neutral White version (which is typically less powerful than the Cool White version) we reached over 80,000 lumens after several seconds. This makes it the second-highest output flashlight, just below the Imalent MS18 which reached 100K, but dropped in output much sooner than this one.

This flashlight will really make everybody turn their head. It’s so amazingly bright. Also, even though this one is not the brightest in the world in sheer output, it’s actually the number 1 with the highest sustainable output. It stays over 20,000 lumens for 20 minutes. No other flashlight in the world can do that at this moment, not even the most powerful Imalent MS18, which drops much more quicker. If you’d ask me, I’d say the X75 is a better buy than the Imalent MS18.

If you want to read the full test, visit our Acebeam X75 review.

The reasons why we would recommend this flashlight for all men:

  1. It has the brightest sustained output of all flashlights in the world. Even better than the Imalent MS18
  2. The cooling fan is thermally controlled, so it reduces speed when the light cools down. Which is much better than the fans used in the Imalent MS18
  3. Comes with a carry handle, with built-in switches. You don’t need to change hand position or use both hands. This is much easier than the other high-power flashlights.
  4. Very portable, and quite lightweight.

Get a whopping 15% off your next order at Acebeam.com with the following discount coupon: AE15. Simply add the coupon code at your checkout.

FAQ: men love flashlights:

  • Why do men love flashlights?

    Men like to be in control. We love carrying stuff in our pockets that can come to our rescue. That’s why men also love to EDC stuff, including knives, wrist watches and that kind of stuff. Some flashlights can even be considered jewelry for men.

  • What types of flashlights are popular for men?

    Anything that is bright, or looks nice. This can include titanium flashlights, but also high-lumen flashlights like the Acebeam X75. We added some really interesting flashlights to our list.

  • What’s the best flashlight you can recommend for gifting?

    Well, that is really tough. We made a list with some of the most interesting flashlights we reviewed, that could be great for gifting. Check out the ones we recommend, and hopefully there is something on the list that will fit your needs.