Acebeam X50

X50 is here!

Update: our review is ready. Check it out here:

A 40,000-lumen high-power flashlight.

One of the most exciting announcements of 2021

We're looking forward to seeing more and more great new flashlights announced in 2021. If you come across anything not mentioned on this website, and above 30,000 lumens. Let us know!

According to Acebeam: The Acebeam X50 has set new standards for searchlights. This Acebeam X50 is powered by a customized Li-ion battery pack, capable of producing 40,000lumens. Its maximum beam distance is 800 meters or 2625 feet.

With the built-in USB Type-C charger fully charge the Acebeam X50 in 1.8 hours. It can also be used as a power bank.

It includes a tripod socket, a single stainless steel switch, and a mechanical lock-out function. The beam is really floody, and about 120 degrees.

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Acebeam W50 news


So far we know a few details.

  • 8* High Power LEDs for massive output of 40,000 lumens (6500K) or 38,000 lumens (5000K)
  • 7 output modes
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Maximum distance throw of 800 meters
  • Built-in rechargeable battery pack

After the Acebeam X70, which started production in 2018 or so, Acebeam hasn't produced any high lumen flashlights until today. The Acebeam X50 is another hot rod with a max output of 40,000 lumens. For sure, I will be interested in reviewing the Acebeam X50, and will do my best to get one ASAP.

I'm excited to see more high-power flashlights being announced. Imalent has to follow soon, because the Imalent MS18 is also almost 2 years old by now.

When the X70 was announced it was supposed to be 40,000 lumens, but they increased its rating to 60,000 lumens. I wonder how bright and how long the X50 will last in Turbo mode.

Available modes on the Acebeam X50:

  • Low mode: 650 lumens; 3,600cd; 120 meters; 11hours;
  • Med1 mode: 2,250 lumens; 14,400cd; 240 meters; 3hours 40 minutes;
  • Med2 mode: 6,500 lumens; 30,625cd; 350 meters; 2hours;
  • High1 mode: 14,000 lumens; 55,932cd; 473 meters; 1hour 50 minutes;
  • High2 mode: 26,000 lumens; 96,100cd; 620 meters; 1hour 45 minutes;
  • Turbo mode: 40,000 lumens; 160,000cd; 800 meters; 1hour 30 minutes;
  • Strobe: 12,000 lumens, 1hour 45 minutes;

Acebeam X50 for sale

If you want the X50 you probably have to save up some cash to get this lumen monster. It's available at a price of $369

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