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Generally speaking, flashlights with a 5,000-lumen brightness are not pocket-friendly. Even if they do fit, their output drops significantly within the first minute, probably to around 500 lumens or worse. Actual 5,000-lumen flashlights are heavier and larger. In fact, I believe that no claimed 5,000-lumen flashlight can sustain its 5,000 lumen output throughout its runtime. All flashlights gradually lose their brightness over time. Therefore, if you need a flashlight that can maintain a 5,000-lumen brightness, you must opt for a larger and more powerful one, such as a 20,000-lumen flashlight with a specific 5,000-lumen output mode.

The list of flashlights below are all 5,000 lumen flashlights, with a maximum of about 10% variation. This difference is so minimum, that it won’t be noticeable in person.

Attention: When buying high-power flashlights that don’t come with batteries, we recommend ordering the optional set of batteries whenever offered. When you order batteries from another store, know which batteries are recommended. High-power flashlights typically perform optimally with unprotected batteries. Read the corresponding review or contact the seller for recommended batteries. Avoid mixing and matching batteries to maximize performance and prevent potential damage to the weakest battery or the flashlight.

Tactical flashlights with 5,000 lumens

Fenix TK35UE v2.0

Tactical flashlight with 5,000 lumens

Fenix TK35UE v2 in hand
Fenix TK35UE v2 runtime graph
Max. brightness:5,000 lumens (We measured 4822 lumens after 30 seconds)
Battery type:2*18650 batteries
Weight with batteries:294 grams / 10.36 oz
Charging:No built-in charging
Best for:General use / Tactical

The Fenix TK35UE v2.0 is a nice tactical flashlight known for its impressive 5,000 lumen output and excellent build quality. Turbo mode is specified at 5000 lumens, and we measured 5224 lumens and turn on, and 4822 lumens after 30 seconds. This is the output we should follow regarding the ANSI FL1 flashlight standards. After 10 minutes, the output is still pretty high, at 2632 lumens, resulting from using 2 batteries and a relatively good-sized flashlight.

In hand, the TK35UE v2.0 feels solid and well-balanced, thanks to the parallel configuration of the two 18650 batteries. This design choice helps with grip (even though the flat parts have no knurling) and contributes to the flashlight’s excellent runtimes and overall performance. It’s probably ‘small’ enough to slip in your coat pocket but still too large for EDC or trouser pockets.

Inside the head, you can find 3 LEDs, which are necessary for its high output.

Accessories included with this light are a nice addition. The package includes a holster, lanyard, O-ring, warranty card, and manual, although batteries and charger are not included. The dual-switch design allows some easy operation, with one switch dedicated to power and the other to mode selection and instant strobe.

Want to know more details, check out our review of the Fenix TK35UE v2.

This is why we would recommend the TK35 UE v2:

  1. It’s a real 5,000-lumen flashlight
  2. Relatively high sustained output, with over 2500 lumens after 10 minutes
  3. Good runtimes (battery life).
  4. It has a nice stainless steel bezel, increasing the impact resistance
  5. Instant access to Turbo mode and Strobe mode
  6. Easy switching between Duty mode and Tactical mode menu.

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Acebeam L35

High output tactical flashlight

Acebeam L35 holding in hand
Max. brightness:5,000 lumens (We measured 5,609 lumens)
Battery type:1*21700 lithium-ion battery
Weight with batteries:241 grams / 8.5 oz
Charging:No onboard charging, but battery has USB port
Best for:General use / Search / Short-medium distance etc.
Extra:Battery is provided with special USB cable to work for charging as well as a powerbank!

The Acebeam L35 is one of those gems in the world of flashlights. It’s one of the few tactical flashlights that can actually produce over 5,000 lumens with 1 battery, and maintain roughly 2,000 lumens for almost 100 minutes. Yes, it does drop from slightly over 6,000 lumens to just below 2,000 lumens within 1 minute, but that is what is to be expected.

For the rest, the L35 is a typical tactical-style flashlight with direct access to Turbo and a shortcut to strobe. With the dual switch, you can access the most useful modes in the blink of an eye.

You also don’t have to worry about getting the right battery because Acebeam includes a high-quality 21700 battery with built-in charging capability. It has a USB-C charging port near the positive terminal, but the slow charging speed or 0.75A is a significant downside. You better get a true 21700 battery charger that can charge at 2A or even 3A.

To reach this high of an output, the flashlight uses a CREE XHP70.2. And that is also the reason why the beam can’t travel that far, but 521 yards/477 meters is still not bad at all.

For all the essential details, check out the full review of the Acebeam L35.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Very bright for a tactical-style flashlight
  2. Easily hits 5,000 lumens following the ANSI FL1 standards
  3. The package includes a holster, lanyard, usb-charging cable, spare rubber boot, o-rings, and some papers
  4. The included USB cable charges the battery and can be used as a power bank. It’s very intuitive.

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Medium sized long-range with 5,000 lumens

Acebeam K30-GT

Almost pocketable 5,000 lumen flashlight

Acebeam K30-GT with handle
Max. brightness:5,500 lumens (We measured 5,574 lumens)
Battery type:3*18650 lithium-ion batteries
Weight with batteries:459 grams / 16.2 oz
Charging:No onboard charging
Best for:General use / Search / Medium distance etc.

The Acebeam K30 GT is a powerful mid-sized flashlight with a big Luminus SBT90.2 LED. And in our test we measured its output higher than its specified. Instead of 5500 lumens, we measured 6186 at turn on, and 5574 after 30 seconds. The 30-second mark is the most important because that refers to the ANSI FL1 standards that flashlight companies should follow. It’s an updated version of the original K30, offering more throw with the same lumen output.

The Acebeam K30 GT has a nice typical Acebeam-style knurling on the outside and is powered by three 18650 batteries. It’s portable, fits into a jacket pocket, and comes with a carry handle for ease of use. Besides a handle, the package also includes batteries, a carry handle, a D-ring screw, spare O-rings, a lanyard, a manual, and a warranty card.

The user interface is simple, with a side switch and an LED indicator for battery level status. The flashlight does not include a holster, differing from the original K30.

It’s also nice to note that the beam distance is just over 1000 meters, which is pretty good for such a relatively small reflector.

For all the juicy details, check out the full review of the Acebeam K30-GT.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. A real 5,000 lumen flashlights at turn on, and roughly 2000 lumens sustained output
  2. Includes a carry handle for ease of carry, but it also removable
  3. Great build quality
  4. A beam distance of over 1,000 meters

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Wildtrail WT90

Small 5,000 lumen multi-cell thrower

WildTrail WT90 holding
WildTrail WT90 runtime
Max. brightness:5,500 lumens (We measured 5,336 lumens)
Battery type:3*21700 lithium-ion batteries
Weight with batteries:946 grams / 33.37 oz
Charging:USB type C charging and power bank functionality
Best for:General use / Search / Long distance etc.

The WildTrail WT90 is a medium-large sized flashlights with some serious throwing capabilities. It features the powerful Luminus SBT90.2 LED, which delivers a remarkable 5,000 lumens, and a beam intensity of 772,000 cd (1758 meters) due to its smooth reflector. The WT90’s build quality is solid, with a unique machined pattern on the body.

This flashlight is designed for enthusiasts, evident by the NarsilM 1.3 user interface, which offers a wide range of modes and customization options. Three 21700 batteries power it and includes USB Type-C charging with power bank functionality. Keep in mind that you can not use protected 21700 cells or with integrating charging because they are too long. Only short, unprotected, but either flat top or button top. And it’s best to order batteries with the light, if you don’t have any 21700 batteries yet. And you should always keep these cells together, and don’t mix and match.

In terms of accessories, the WT90 arrives with the bare minimum, namely some o-rings and a manual—nothing more, nothing less.

For all the details, check out the full review of the WildTrail WT90.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Relatively affordable for such a type of light.
  2. Great looking design, available in non-anodized, and black
  3. Easy to disassemble
  4. USB-C charging, and powerbank capability
  5. Good performance, with 21700 batteries (not included)

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Extreme long-range flashlight with 5,000 lumens

Astrolux MF05

Mega thrower with over 5,000 lumens

holding the Astrolux MF05 in a hand
Max. brightness:7,500 lumens (We measured 5,094 lumens)
Battery type:4-8*18650 lithium-ion batteries
Weight with batteries and handle:3989 grams / 140.7 oz
Charging:No onboard charging
Best for:Search / Medium – Long distance etc.
Extra:4 or 8 batteries are required

This is one of those instances where the manufacturer overspecced its flashlight. It’s advertised as producing 7,500 lumens, but in reality, we measured just over 5,000 lumens. Perfect to fit in this list of 5,000 lumen flashlights.

And yes.. this is the biggest and most impressive flashlight on this list. If you are looking for a flashlight that get some looks, get the MF05.. btw. the same flashlight is sold with a different name, namely Mateminco MT90 Plus.

While testing, we noticed that the external cooling fan really did its work. It helped to keep the head cooled, so that its brightness was maintained as much as possible. With the fan activated (which requires a single 21700 battery), we saw a very remarkable 4100 lumens for 50 minutes before it dropped to roughly 1500 lumens. And it then maintained this output till about the 1h 40min mark.

But the most impressive is, of course, the beam distance. The MF05 is specified at 2,500,000 cd (or 3162 meters) but we measured 2,844,000 cd, which equals 3373 meters, 3669 yards, or 2.1 miles. And not with a tiny beam, but with a huge wall of light so to say. If you don’t mind the wait, and the number of required batteries… this is something special.

If it’s too heavy to carry, you can always use the built-in tripod mount.

Fortunately, all types of 18650 batteries will fit.

If you want to know more details, head over to our in-depth review of the Astrolux MF05.

This is why we would recommend this flashlight:

  1. Most extreme flashlight on this list
  2. Easily hits 5,000 lumens following the ANSI FL1 standards
  3. The package includes a carry bag, and removable handle with cooling fan

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More questions about 5,000 lumen torches

  • Is 5,000 lumens bright enough for a flashlight?

    Yes, 5000 lumen is bright enough for most flashlights. Most of the time, however, flashlights aren’t able to reach 5,000 lumens. A 5,000 lumen flashlight usually has several output levels, so you can change the output whenever you want.

  • How strong is 5,000 lumens?

    5,000 lumens is pretty strong. We have a flashlight lumen guide, where we show flashlights at certain outputs, ranging from 100 lumens to 50,000 lumens. See this link: https://1lumen.com/academy/flashlight-brightness-guide-how-many-lumens/

  • Can you trust Amazon or Aliexpress listings of flashlights with 5,000 lumens?

    No. You can’t trust Amazon, AliEpxress, or eBay listings. You can’t even trust all flashlight manufacturers when it comes to specifications. In many case, a 5,000 lumen flashlight can not even reach close to 5000 lumens. Reputable brands like Olight, Nitecore, Fenix etc, are usually pretty close to specifications. Other, smaller brands usually don’t.