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Small 2000 lumen 18650 flashlight

Acebeam E70 Mini

Acebeam E70 mini inhand
Acebeam E70 Mini runtime
Max output2,000 lumens (we measured 1700 at turn on)
LEDIt’s using 3 high CRI Nichia LEDs
ChargingThe included battery has a USB-C port for charging

Acebeam has been adding a few nice looking flashlights to their lineup, which include the E70 Mini. It’s a 18650 type flashlight with a claimed output of 2,000 lumens.

We measured 1700 lumens at turn-on, and 1561 lumens after 30 seconds. But even though it’s not the claimed 2,000 lumens, it’s definitely a great EDC flashlight, and still highly recommended.

Besides its great-looking design, it has several slots to add tritium vials or glow tubes. The latter are much cheaper and easily available. Tritium vials are more expensive and harder to get.

Why I think the E70 Mini is a great option:

  1. First of all, it’s a beautiful flashlight, with plenty of output
  2. It’s using 3 high CRI LEDs for improved color rendering
  3. Comes with a rechargeable 18650 battery, with built-in USB-C charging
  4. Easy to understand and easy to use UI

Best rechargeable 2000 lumen flashlight

Olight Warrior 3S

Great quality flashlight with 2,000 lumens

Olight Warrior 3S TI inhand
Olight Warrior 3S titanium runtime
Max. brightness:2300 lumens (We measured 2428 lm after 30 sec)
LED type:N/A
Battery type:21700 (included, proprietary)
Charging:Proprietary Magnetic USB
Best for:Every Day Carry / around the house / tactical
Extra:Built-in magnetic tailcap that functions as a charging dock

The Olight Warrior 3S is a tactical, rechargeable flashlight with a claimed output of 2,300 lumens.

During our testing, we noticed that the 2,300 lumens claim was easily reached, and measured 2358 lumens at 30 seconds (as per ANSI Fl1 standards).

Olight includes a 21700 battery, which has been altered to fit 21700 Olight flashlights. It’s a proprietary battery, that can not be replaced by a normal 21700 battery. Keep that in mind when buying. The battery doesn’t need to be removed from the flashlight for charging, since the flashlight has a built-in magnetic charging system. You just need to attach the magnetic charging cable to the rear (switch) of the light. Both, the cable and switch have a magnet built in, so they attach by themselves, in the correct position.

The UI is pretty interesting as well. With 2 switches, you can either use it in the underhand (normal style) as well as in the overhand (tactical style) position. You can use the 2 switches interchangeably, so you don’t need to use both hands, or change hand positions. This is a great, and unique feature.

A summary of why we recommend the Olight Warrior 3S:

  1. 2 switches that can be used interchangeably
  2. Comes in RTG (ready-to-go) package with a battery, and charging cable
  3. Has a proximity sensor for extra safety. It will reduce output when something is held close to the front of the flashlight
  4. 2 mode configurations: 1 for tactical use, and the other for daily use.
  5. This model is usually available in several colors, black, green and sometimes even with a limited edition color coating.

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Olight Warrior 3s for more info.

Best tactical 2000 lumen flashlight

Armytek Viking PRO Magnet USB

Tactical style flashlight with 2,000 lumens

Armytek Viking Pro Magnet USB cigar
Armytek Viking Pro Magnet USB runtime full
Max. brightness:We measured 1999 lumens at turn on, and 1958 lumens after 30sec
LED type:CREE XHP50.2
Battery type:Comes with a rechargeable battery (18650)
Charging:Magnetic charger
Best for:Hunting / Tactical / Security
Extra:Lots of accessories included (and many optional accessories)

Most flashlights that are advertised as being 2000 lumens don’t even reach that far. In this list, we looked through hundreds of reviews to see which ones were doing close to 2000 lumens, or are advertised as that, maybe not reaching it, but still great flashlights. The Viking Pro just stayed within that parameter, and actually reached 1999 lumens at turn on.. Quite close!

In our test, we measured 1958 lumens after 30 seconds (as per ANSI FL1 standards) and a maximum reach of over 341 meters/ 373yards. These numbers show that Viking PRO is a serious tactical flashlight.

It also stands out in the way you charge it. It uses a magnetic charging cable that you attach to the rear (near the switch) of the flashlight. This is more waterproof than a USB port, and is also less likely to get dirt inside.

BTW. there are a few versions of the Viking Pro, and the one I am referring to is the Predator PRO Magnetic USB version. It’s the latest tactical flashlight in this lineup.

A summary of why we recommend the Viking PRO flashlight:

  1. Has 2 different mode menus. For tactical use, and ‘normal’ use. Armytek calls it Hunting mode.
  2. Tactical mode is only 1 mode, and the UI gives you the choice to have either Turbo mode or Medium mode selected. This is programmable.
  3. Throws a beam of almost 400 yards
  4. Armytek sells many optional accessories for gun attachment, etc.

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Armytek Viking Pro Magnetic USB

Best 2000 lumen thrower flashlight

Convoy L21B

Affordable flashlight thrower with 2,000 lumens

Convoy L21B in hand
Convoy L21B runtime graph full
Max. brightness:We measured 2030 lumens
LED type:Luminus SFT40-W
Battery type:21700 (short 21700’s only, it’s not accepting long 21700)
Best for:Search / long-range
Extra:Pretty affordable

If you’re looking for a 2,000 lumen thrower and don’t want to break the bank, definitely check out the Convoy L21B. It’s the successor of the L21A which we also reviewed.

For less than $40, you get a good performing thrower, with 2,000 lumen output (we measured and confirmed this) as well as a total reach of 340,000 cd (1167 meters) at turn on, and 340,000 cd (1064 meters) after 30 seconds.

We do the 30-second measurements because that is part of the ANSI FL1 standards, which flashlight manufacturers should follow.

Many enthusiasts’ first lights were Convoys, and for good reason. They’re simple to use, easy to repair and mod, well-built, and good performers.

Here’s a quick summary of why we recommend the Convoy L21B:

  1. Very affordable at below $40
  2. Produces 2,000 lumens without a problem, and even after 10 minutes still manages to almost reach 1,000 lumens
  3. Has a 12-mode group driver, so you can program your favorite mode group
  4. Great after-sales support from Simon, the owner of Convoy.

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Convoy L21B

Best budget 2000 lumen flashlight

Sofirn SC31T

Sofirn SC31T in hand
Sofirn SC31T runtime
Wurkkos FC12 runtime high
Max. brightness:2000 lumens (We measured 1558 lumens at 30sec)
LED type:Luminus SST40
Battery type:18650 (any length)
Charging:USB-C charging
Best for:Every Day Carry / Duty

Some people love Sofirn because of their balance between price and quality.

The SC31T is a pretty affordable flashlight at $25 without a discount coupon and claims a maximum output of 2,000 lumens.

In our test, we measured 1558 lumens at 30 seconds (with a Sofirn 18650 lithium battery) but 1983 lumens at turn on with a Sony VTC6 battery. And that’s one of the best 18650 batteries out there. That also shows that the Sofirn battery isn’t the worst but also not the best. Still for the price, it’s worth adding it to your cart.

Although the SC31T isn’t really a bonafide tactical light, it’s still a versatile multirole light and is equally at home riding in your pocket, glove box, desk drawer, or tool chest. It’s cheap, functional, reliable, and has good performance.

This is why we recommend it:

  1. Very affordable, at about $25. Often includes a battery and charger for a couple of dollars more. Very good value for the money.
  2. Available with either a CW or NW emitter (cool white beam, or neutral white beam)

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Sofirn SC31T

Best 2000 lumen headlamp

Nitecore HC68

Versatile Headlamp with 2000 lumen

Nitecore HC68 helmet
Nitecore HC68 runtime full
Max. brightness:2,000 lumens (We measured 1660 lumens)
LED type:Luminust SST40
Battery type:18650 (included) / 2*CR123A
Charging:Built-in USB-C
Best for:Hiking / Every Day Carry / Headlamp / Duty

There’s three switches on the Nitecore HC68. There is one on the side (for power), and two on top for adjusting the brightness/spot/flood/cycling through the modes. The headband has a silicone “line” on the inside to keep it anchored to your forehead.

The output we measured was 1660 lumens after 30 seconds and 1831 at turn on. This is not bad performance. But the ‘throw measurements’ were higher than spec, so that gives a good indication of how trustworthy Nitecore’s numbers are.

A summary of why we recommend this 2000-lumen headlamp:

  1. Comes with several light sources (2 LEDs and AUX)
  2. Dedicated headlamp, so it’s 100% focused on this use case.
  3. Comes in an RTG (ready-to-go) package, which includes a battery, charging cable, head strap, etc.

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Nitecore HC68

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Questions regarding 2000-lumen flashlights

  • Are these really the best 2000 lumen flashlights?

    For who? We recommend these flashlights because we have tested them, and know them to be good, and 2000 lumens. What is best for you, may not be the best for somebody else.

  • Is 2000 lumens bright enough for most tasks?

    Generally speaking 2000 lumens is enough for most tasks. But it is definitely too bright for close up tasks. You better turn the brightness down when you do some close up work. It’s definitely enough to look around the yard, or even a small field.

  • Aren’t all these flashlights the same, when they all produce 2000 lumens?

    There are so many variations in flashlights that it’ll take a long time to explain all the differences. Are you looking for a tactical flashlight? EDC flashlight? LED flashlight? LEP flashlight? There are so many different kinds, and they all work differently, with different features.