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Note that we have reviewed hundreds of flashlights and we add 10 new reviews every month on average. Although the flashlights listed here are highly recommended, they may not necessarily meet your exact requirements. We suggest that you our reviews if you are not sure if it fits your needs. Please be aware that all the flashlights mentioned in our list were tested and found to have a lumen output close to 1000 lumens, give or take about 5-10% difference.

Smallest 1000 lumen flashlight

Nitecore TUP

Holding Nitecore TUP in hand
runtime graph
Maximum output of 1000 lumens
Very light weight at only 54 grams / 1.91 oz
Built-in rechargeable battery so you don’t need to buy a battery charger
The USB port is Micro USB.. USB-C would have been nicer.
OLED display to show you the selected mode and battery life

While many flashlights claim a thousand-lumen output, less than a handful can reach this with the size and weight of the Nitecore Tup. At only 54 grams, it’s one of the lightest 1000-lumen flashlights I’ve ever seen.

Keep in mind, that the highest output (1000 lumens) is only momentarily accessible. This means that you need to keep pressing the turbo button. When you release the switch, the light will fall back to the 200-lumen brightness level.

Why I think this is a great option:

  1. First of all, it’s a small flashlight and fits on your keychain, so you’ll have access to 1000 lumens at all times
  2. It’s rechargeable, so you don’t need to take the battery out, and you can charge it anywhere, at anytime
  3. It features an OLED screen that tells you what mode you are in and how long the battery will last—even before you turn the light on.
  4. It uses 2 types of modes, including a lockout mode so that you can carry the TUP safely

Best rechargeable 1000 lumen flashlight

ThruNite T1S

Thrunite T1S in hand
Thrunite T1S turbo
Max. brightness:We measured 1166 lumens after 30 seconds
LED type:Luminus SST-40 LED
Battery type:18350 (included)
Best for:Every Day Carry / around the house
Extra:Has a magnetic tailcap

First off, this is a bit brighter than 1000 lumens, but at 1166 lumens, you wouldn’t really notice the difference unless you put them side by side.

Anyway, this light is pretty much everything you need in an EDC flashlight. It’s actually pretty compact, so you can carry it in most types of pockets. The UI is easy to understand, with direct access to firefly mode (low output of 0.4 lumens) and Turbo. And it even has an LED indicator that tells you when the battery needs to be charged again. We recommend replacing or charging the battery when the indicator LED starts flashing red!

You can charge it anywhere because it has a charger built-in and comes with a USB-C cable. And the good thing is, that you don’t have to charge the battery inside the flashlight. You can just replace it with a spare, 18350 battery. ThruNite has surely packed a lot of value into this small package!

A summary of why we recommend the ThruNite T1S, as one of the best overall EDC flashlights:

  1. It’s very pocketable, lightweight, and small.
  2. The T1S has a battery and other accessories to get you going.
  3. Even though it’s so small, it can still reach over 200 yards!
  4. It’s pretty affordable, at around $40

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the ThruNite T1S for more info.

Best 2AA flashlight with 1000 lumens

Nitecore MT2A Pro

nitecore mt2a pro in use 1
nitecore mt2a pro runtime 2hours
Max. brightness:We measured 923 lumens at turn on, 892 lm after 30 seconds
LED type:NiteLab UHI20
Battery type:2*AA or Nitecore NL1416R lithium battery (included)
Charging:Battery with onboard USB-C charging
Best for:Every Day Carry / around the house

Okay, this is not really a 2AA flashlight with 1000 lumens. With AA batteries, it ‘only’ 538 lumens after 30 seconds. I said ‘only’ because that’s actually pretty good for AA batteries.

To reach the actual (or almost) 1,000 lumens, you need to use the Nitecore NL1416R battery, which is included in the package. It’s a lithium-ion battery, with the size of 2 AA batteries, and a capacity of 1600mAh, at 3.7V.

If you are looking for a dual-fuel flashlight that reaches almost 1000 lumens, but also want to use standard AA batteries, consider this one.

High mode drops pretty quickly with the NL1416R battery, but still has about 500 lumens after 15 minutes of use, while Medium is pretty stable at around 300 lumens for 1 hour and 18 minutes straight before it drops and continues running for another 30 minutes before turning off.

with AA batteries, you reach over 500 lumens, which is just below 500 lumens after 30 minutes, and below 250 lumens before it reaches the 1-hour mark.

For all details, I refer you to our Nitecore MT2A PRO review.

A summary of why we recommend the Nitecore MT2A Pro:

  1. Thin, lightweight
  2. The package includes a special lithium-ion battery for maximum performance.
  3. It can be used with normal 2 AA batteries.
  4. It’s pretty affordable, at around $45

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores

Best tactical 1000 lumen flashlight

Armytek Predator PRO Magnet USB

Armytek Predator PRO Magnet USB holding with cigar grip
Armytek Predator PRO Magnet USB runtime chart 1 hour
Max. brightness:We measured 1193 lumens
LED type:CREE XHP35.2 Hi
Battery type:Comes with a rechargeable battery (18650)
Charging:Magnetic charger (takes 4 hours)
Best for:Hunting / Tactical / Security
Extra:Lots of accessories included (and many optional accessories)

Most flashlights advertised as having a thousand lumens don’t even reach that far. In this list, we looked through hundreds of reviews to see which ones were doing close to 1000 within a 20% range, and the Predator Pro just stayed within that parameter.

Our test measured 1193 lumens after 30 seconds (in line with the ANSI FL1 standards for flashlight testing) and a maximum reach of over 400 meters/yards. These numbers show that Predator PRO is a serious contender, even though it is advertised at 1400 lumens, which is a bit exaggerated.

It also stands out in how you can charge it. It doesn’t use your typical USB port but a magnetic charging cord that you attach to the rear (near the switch). This is much more waterproof than a USB port and also less likely to get dirt inside.

BTW. there are a few versions of the Predator Pro; the one I am referring to is the Predator PRO Magnetic USB version. It’s the latest tactical flashlight in this lineup.

A summary of why we recommend the Predator PRO flashlight:

  1. Has 2 different mode menus. For tactical use and ‘normal’ use. Armytek calls it Hunting mode.
  2. Tactical mode menu has only 1 mode, and the UI allows you to select either Turbo mode or Medium mode. This is programmable.
  3. Throws a beam for over 400 yards
  4. Comes with many accessories, but Armytek also sells many optional accessories for gun attachment etc.

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Armytek Predator Pro Magnetic USB

Popular 1000 lumen EDC flashlight

Olight Arkfeld

Olight Arkfeld inhand
Olight Arkfeld turbo runtime NW
Max. brightness:It is available with warm or Neutral LEDs and has a built-in laser pointer. It is also available in different colors: black, blue, green, orange, and gray.
LED type:Unknown
Battery type:Built-in 1050mAh battery (non replaceable)
Charging:USB cable with magnetic base
Best for:Every Day Carry / work / presentations etc.
Extra:Available with warm LED or Neutral LED, and has a laser pointer built-in. Available in different colors: black, blue, green, orange, and gray.

Black flashlights get a bit boring, or not?

Olight knows this and adds many colors to its lineup. Some are limited editions, and some are standard colors, just like this blue Arkfeld.

And it’s not just a regular flashlight. It’s designed for everyday carry, and specifically for people who like the extra laser pointer built in. I usually think they are gimmicky, but this one is pretty cool. And yes, it does look a bit like a remote control.

In our test, we measured 858 lumens (with the cool white version) and 886 lumens (with the neutral white version). Of course, I am referring to the measurement at 30 seconds because that’s according the ANSI FL1 standards. Other websites don’t know about this, and just use manufacturers’ specs in their roundup reviews. Sad really.

Anyway, the Turbo runs for about 2 hours till it turns off. Of course, it has a large drop in output within the first 5 minutes. With this size and design, you can’t sustain 1000 lumens for 2 hours. That’s also something all those other google results don’t tell.

Anyway, here’s a quick summary of why we recommend this flashlight:

  1. Great for everyday use, with its flat design and pocket clip.
  2. It’s easily rechargeable. You only need the included magnetic USB-C cable
  3. The built-in laser pointer can be very helpful for work or presentations
  4. Available in many colors, so you can match your other EDC gear or your outfit.
  5. Olight gives an awesome lifetime warranty

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Olight Arkfeld

Best budget 1000 lumen flashlight

Sofirn SP10V3

Sofirn SP v3 
Sofirn SP10 v3 runtime graph full
Max. brightness:We measured 905 lumens
LED type:Samsung LH351D (high CRI)
Battery type:14500 / AA
Charging:No built-in charging
Best for:Every Day Carry
Extra:Very affordable 1000 lumen flashlight

Some people are really into Sofirn for their great balance of value and quality, and this particular model only costs around $20.

As the name implies, the SP10 has undergone a few transformations, and the V3 is the best.

In our test, we measured 905 lumens at 30 seconds (with a 14500 lithium battery) and 224 lumens (with a NiMH rechargeable AA battery), in Turbo mode. The output dropped slowly for the first 1.5 minutes, but then drops to +-250 lumens before we reach 3 minutes in the runtime test. That’s totally acceptable for this kind of flashlight.

It’s not a rechargeable flashlight, meaning it doesn’t have a built-in charger mechanism. You have to have a separate charger, or buy it with the full kit.

This is why we recommend it:

  1. It’s very affordable, at about $20. It often includes a battery and charger for a couple of dollars more, so it’s great value for the money.
  2. Cheap optional accessories. Magnetic tailcap (about $3) pocket clip ($2) or a silicone diffuser ($2)
  3. Comes close to the claimed 1000-lumen output (you won’t really notice the difference between 905 and 1000 lumens)
  4. Works with lithium 14500 batteries, as well as rechargeable AA batteries (AA have reduced output).

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Sofirn SP10 v3

Best 1000 lumen headlamp

Olight Perun Mini 2

Olight Perun 2 Mini in hand
Olight Perun 2 Mini vs Perun 1 mini
Max. brightness:We measured 991 lumens at turn on, and 975 after 30 seconds
LED type:Unknown, but it is available in neutral white, and cool white.
Battery type:18350 (even non-proprietary can be used, but you lose charging capabilities)
Charging:Built-in magnetic charging (proprietary)
Best for:Hiking / Jogging / Every Day Carry / Headlamp
Extra:It’s L-shaped, so you don’t need to use the head strap! Comes in several colors, orange, black, yellow, and brown.

Olight makes some very nice and interesting flashlights. And not just from a design perspective. Their specifications are usually spot-on, or even a little conservative. It was very interesting to see, that in our test, the Perun Mini 2 measured 975 lumens at 30 seconds. That’s close to the 1000 lumen output we stuck to in this buyer’s guide. Well done Olight.

When you buy the Perun Mini 2, they’ll give you a few options. That includes not just the flashlight’s body color but also the beam temperature. NW stands for neutral. and CW for Cool White, which was measured between 5900K and 6300K (even they say 5700-6700K). If you don’t know which to get, I recommend getting the 5000K (Neutral white).

And last but not least, unlike many other Olight flashlights, you can use generic 18350 batteries. But you will lose the built-in charging feature, which only works with the included Olight battery.

A summary of why we recommend this 1000-lumen headlamp:

  1. It’s so close to 1000 lumen and with its performance highly recommended
  2. Pocketable, lightweight, and has a magnet built-in, so you can stick it to metal objects.
  3. Comes in an RTG (ready-to-go) package, which includes a battery, charging cable, head strap, and pocket clip.
  4. Not just a headlamp. With the L-shape, you can use it as a normal flashlight as well.

Interested? Buy it at one of the following stores, or read our review of the Olight Perun Mini 2

Oh, and if you buy a flashlight at Olight, use our exclusive 10% discount coupon: 1Lumen


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Some questions about 1000 lumen flashlights

  • Are the flashlights on this list really the best 1000-lumen flashlights?

    For who? We recommend these flashlights because we have tested them, and know them to be good, and around 1000 lumens. We tested several hundred, and these are definitely some of the best flashlights on the market. But correct, it may not be the best for you. Therefore, please read our reviews!

  • Is 1000 lumens bright enough?

    In many use cases, 1000 lumens is really enough. You don’t need 5000 lumens or 10,000 lumens for every task. If you want a wide beam and don’t need to reach farther than 50 yards, like in an urban environment, you should be fine. If you are looking for really high-lumen flashlights, look at our ‘brightest flashlights‘ buyers guide.

  • Aren’t all these flashlights the same, when they all produce the same brightness?

    Are all cars the same that drive 80 miles an hour? There are so many variations in flashlights that explaining all the differences will take a long time. Are you looking for a tactical flashlight? EDC flashlight? LED flashlight? LEP flashlight? There are so many different kinds, and they all work differently.

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