NEXTORCH has a long history in the flashlight world. And it’s bigger than most of the average flashoholic’s favorite brands. It’s so big you can possibly find NEXTORCH flashlights in your local hardware store. I did.

Maybe it’s because of their size, that they aren’t active on the flashlight forums, and discussion groups. But that’s probably 1 reason why they aren’t talked about much on the forums. The other reason is that the flashlights they make are more geared toward the average Joe.
Flashoholics look for the latest and newest emitters, Andruil UI, high CRI, above the BBL LEDs, AUX LEDs, and that kind of stuff.

NEXTORCH is so big, they don’t really need to cater to the average flashoholic, and have a thriving business without them. This is contrary to some minor players in the flashlight world, that purely rely on the flashoholics. And that’s fine as well, but that’s not the focus of NEXTORCH, and that should be understood. They are bigger than that.

NEXTORCH reviews

Frequently asked questions about NEXTORCH flashlights

  • Is NEXTORCH good?

    From our experience, NEXTORCH makes some really great flashlights, including some LEP flashlights. But on the other hand, they also make some cheaper flashlights, which aren’t that great. So, you basically can find something in both categories.

  • Where is NEXTORCH made?

    NEXTORCH sells its flashlights all around the world, in many brick-and-mortar stores around the world. So even though they are made in China, you can get local customer service, unlike some smaller brands

  • How do you spell Nextorch?

    In the past, we have seen it written like Nextorch, but also NexTorch, and more recently it should be written as: NEXTORCH with capital letters.

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